Benefits of Yoga

Practicing Yoga postures on a regular basis tones muscles, increases flexibility, and improves the digestive system. Yogic breathing techniques help enhance lung capacity, develop ability to manage stress, increase self-confidence and concentration of the mind, as well as promote deep relaxation. Therapeutic yoga practice works as a preventive measure on diseases like diabetes, thyroids,varicose veins, arthritis, knee and back pain, menstrual disorders, asthma, sinus, and migraines. Daily practice of yoga is a great way to shed weight. The movements are not rigorous but yoga makes you more aware of your body. This allows you to understand when your stomach is full and prevent you from overeating.

  • My ten classes session includes various yoga poses, breathing techniques, meditation techniques as well as cleansing techniques like Neti (nasal wash) and Tratak (eye gazing).
  • Meditation is a part and parcel of yoga practice and not a separate phenomenon.
  • Many times, the class begins with laughter yoga exercises to lift the spirits and make the mind steady.
  • Class size does not go beyond 6 and every participant is keenly observed and guided.
  • In a few months of yoga practice, your family will start wondering where that agitated, irritating, restless person in you has disappeared!
  • We practice lot of those balancing poses like airplane pose and tree pose. In case of accidental fall, damage will be minimized since you fall like a cat instead of a rock.
  • When my kids were in high school, I enjoyed introducing yoga to the high school students as a part of their social studies program. Yoga practice has a profound effect on growing kids’ mind concentration, creativity, and mental health.

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